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INVESTMENT, Real Estate / 21 May 2021

If you know that your financial future is in the real estate market, you are already on the right path. Nowadays, investing in real estate is one of the decisions that will bring you the most benefits in the future, both in economic growth and your return on investment, as well as in its future utility and the quality of life that it will bring you.

You have already decided to invest, and you have the means, but you don’t know where to start? If you are between several investment options, or if you are considering different cities and types of products, it is time for you to get to know Tulum.

Tulum, is well known as the most famous and sought-after touristic international destination of today. But goes beyond that, not only is it a tourist destination, but a gold mine in the real estate market, and the perfect place to start your personal rental business.

Why invest in Tulum?

Previously, we have talked about the general characteristics that make Tulum the ideal destination to invest, both in tourism and commercial factors as well as in lifestyle. 

Today we are interested in talking about the specific valuable characteristics that make Tulum an ideal place, not only to visit and to vacation in; but to ensure your personal economy. Why should you consider creating your heritage in a place like Tulum? Learn more about what makes it one of the most profitable investment destinations.

A growing city
A high tourist flow translates into a simple, but important factor for the investor, the rise in demand for vacation homes and places to stay. Today there are thousands of apps and methods to ensure that your property is rented at all times, and with the

international tourism growth in the area, you can rest assured you’ll keep receiving a high monthly income rate throughout the year.

Furthermore, when we speak of growth we are not only referring to tourism growth. As we know, with any growth in consumer behavior; there has to be growth in the city in terms of infrastructure, government projects and real estate developments. 

In the upcoming years Tulum will be the center stage for several projects that will improve its streets, boost its commerce and increase the tourism flow even more; becoming a gold mine for real estate developments,in the rental market. 

Among these projects are the Mayan Train, whose station in Tulum will boost the economy and tourism; the new highway “Libramiento de Tulum”, which will divert the usual traffic from the main highway, allowing it to become a boulevard for the city; and the Tulum Airport, which will facilitate the arrival to the international destination. Among many other public and private initiatives that will create the perfect economic scenario for a growing city. 

And all these improvements will have a positive effect to a greater extent and primarily to a specific sector: the real estate market.

Capital gain in real estate

Let’s talk about the most important factor for every investor. If the capital gain of Tulum was already high, in the coming years it will skyrocket to values ​​not seen before. With a growth that is not only visible in the preference of international tourism, but also in local decisions to improve the infrastructure of the city; anyone who invests in Tulum today will have a property with a guaranteed increasing value. In a few years, you will be generating profits with increasing value, that could even multiply itself from the initial value spent.

Why 101 Park?

It is true that the growth of Tulum is nothing new, and there are thousands of real estate developments already. However, within all of these projects, 101 Park has unmatched features.

Pioneer project in the 101 Tulum Planned Community

101 Park is the first development in one of the first planned communities in Tulum: 101 Community. What’s important about this? It is a unique feature, due to the nature of Tulum’s growth. 

To know the importance of a planned community, it is important to understand that although Tulum is familiar with growth, it is not familiar with what is called “planned growth”. This has created one of the greatest challenges within the tourism community in Tulum; qith inconvenient and problematic locations in means and times of transportation. 

As the first development in this planned community, 101 Park will enjoy one of the best and most exclusive equity values. A value that will be hard to match for any other development for years to come.

Location with exclusive proximity to the hotel zone

Due to the same problem of unplanned growth; most of the developments in Tulum do not enjoy the most ideal locations and tend to be far away from the coast. Even when being located in good areas; they continue to face the problem of reaching the hotel zone on the main avenue.

In addition, being within the Planned Community 101, our development will not only have the valuable characterític of being a pioneer development in planning; but it will also enjoy a unique proximity to the hotel zone of Tulum. 

The valuable qualities of Tulum, make this a destination that alone ensures growth and economic income. While 101 Park presents a sustainable and planned solution to some of the main challenges of Tulum. 

These two aspects make 101 Park Tulum a real estate investment option that will have exclusive benefits in the future. Benefits that you will only be able to enjoy by investing in high-value development, and that today you can guarantee at 101 Park, thanks to its many qualities at exclusive and competitive prices. 

If you are already thinking of investing in the real estate market, don’t let more time get away! 101 Park is the unique opportunity  you’ve been waiting for, in the most profitable and paradisiacal destination of the moment. 

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