Luxury Apartment in Tulum: What to look for?

Real Estate / 24 September 2020

Not so long ago, Tulum was more mainly known only due to its archaeological site located in front of the sea. It was a destination often overlooked in the Riviera Maya, as it was not at the same level of desirability of places like Cancun or Playa del Carmen. But now, you can find luxury apartments in Tulum.

This has changed overtime. Tulum went from being a small town to becoming one of the most desirable destinations in the region. The great attraction of tourists led to a rapid growth in the real estate sector. Therefore, today Tulum is a space that has it all: a vibrant culture, paradisiacal beaches, intrinsic connection with nature, hundreds of activities and a first-class infrastructure.

Not for nothing has this site become the favorite of many and has surpassed Cancun and Playa del Carmen, being one of the most valuable areas to buy or invest in.

Life in a luxury apartment in Tulum

There are many factors that make a luxury apartment in Tulum such an attractive idea. On one hand, it’s the ideal place to lead a more relaxed lifestyle, in constant contact with nature, with the sea on one side and the jungle on the other. Plus, it offers the perfect balance between local and international culture. 

On the other hand, unlike destinations like Cancun; in Tulum you will not run into massive tourist developments. On the contrary, properties in Tulum are designed to lead a more peaceful and relaxed lifestyle that takes into consideration the well-being of the environment.

This doesn’t mean life in Tulum is austere, but rather that this place has given rise to a new modernity: bohemian luxury. This trend has been incorporated into the lifestyle of the city, creating spaces that mix natural settings with the best quality in real estate development and infrastructure

The following are some elements that you can expect from a luxury apartment in Tulum.


The amenities in these type of development, are a set of services created with the intention of making everyday life easier and more enjoyable. Normally these types of services were only found in 5-star hotels, but today they are an essential element of any luxury real estate development.

Having an apartment with amenities means having everything at your fingertips. Also, if you are considering investing in Tulum, these amenities also represent an increase in value, since it will not be necessary for its residents to leave their properties to take advantage of all the benefits that the place has to offer.

These apartments are specially designed to make the most out of all their spaces, answer to the needs of their users and coexist in harmony with the environment. In these places, you will be surrounded by both the natural and modern best qualities.

Among these type of amenities you can find:

  • Pools
  • Lobby
  • Rooftops
  • Social areas
  • Lookout areas
  • Gym
  • Restaurants
  • Security systems

High-quality facilities

Not only is a variety of amenities an essential element in luxury apartment development, but that they are made of the best qualities and high infrastructure. Therefore, acquiring a luxury apartment in Tulum means acquiring quality materials, from paint to furniture and floors.

The durability of the facilities is something that you can take for granted, not only for the materials used but for their cleaning and maintenance.

One of the great benefits of having a luxury apartment is that they offer the best personalized services, so being aware of the cleanliness and conservation of the areas will not be need to be a concern for its residents.


Tulum is a place with great history that represents a deep connection with the Mayan culture. This, along with the beautiful beaches, the friendliness of the locals and the calm and peacefulness that is experienced are just some reasons why Tulum has become a highly attractive place for both locals and foreigners.

This is another of the great advantages of being in a luxury apartment, as it is the ideal place to meet all kinds of people from all nationalities.

And, it’s not only meeting several new people, but that it’s possible to meet and befriend like-minded people, who are in search of the same relaxation and contact with nature, without leaving comfort aside.

It is the perfect place to appreciate the local culture with the benefits that foreign influence brings.


In January 2019, Tulum was awarded with the recognition of “Best sustainable destination in the world” by the Tourism & Travel Digital Impact Awards.

The fact that a destination is sustainable means that it seeks to obtain maximum benefit from tourism in natural areas and in the local community, generating the minimum impact on ecological and socio-cultural issues.

Tulum has dedicated numerous efforts during the years to remain a sustainable city. Among the actions it has taken, the investment for public spaces has been among them. This includes the rescue and preservation of local ecological areas as well as the construction of sidewalks, bike paths, LED lighting and children’s playgrounds areas.

It also seeks to eliminate the use of plastic. After the approval of a law in Quintana Roo, the use of straws and Styrofoam is prohibited in restaurants, hotels and businesses, and it has been planned to stop using billboards and other polluting publicity materials.

How is it reflected in luxury developments?

Real estate developers often know the negative impact that the making of luxurious developments could generate in the world, so when creating a sustainable development they take measures that reduce their impact. Such as, the implementation of renewable energy with the use of solar panels and the integration of water treatment plants, in order to take care of the environment and leave a positive footprint for generations to come.

Therefore, a luxury apartment in Tulum truly represents a lifestyle in which peacefulness, culture, comfort and the consideration for the environment take center stage in its residents mind-set and make it the ideal place to live.

If you are looking for a luxurious lifestyle that holds an intrinsic connection with nature, in a relaxed atmosphere,Tulum is one of the most ideal places you’ll find. Invest in a luxury property at 101Park Tulum and you will enjoy unmatched benefits every day!

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