Here’s what you need to know about the real estate rental market in Tulum.

ALL / 24 June 2021

You are here because you’ve already made up your mind about investing in Tulum, or you are just about to. And if you keep wondering whether it is the best decision to acquire a property to set up for rental, we’re here to tell you: It is.


If you’re still having some doubts about the profitability in Tulum, in our previous blog you can read a little more about the benefits of investing in Tulum, which is not only the most exclusive and trendy tourism destination right now; but also the place that offers its visitors and investors the best lifestyle and income benefits.


You already took the first and most important steps: you already know that you want to invest in the real estate market, and you already realized that Tulum is the ideal destination. Unsure of what’s next? Here we will solve some of the most specific and popular doubts in the world of real estate rental in Tulum, in order for you to get you started in the real estate rental business.


How to get into this business?


The first good news is that anyone can enter the rental business in Tulum. Unlike other markets where previous experience in the field is very necessary, when renting your property you really only need to have basic skills that are already practical in your day-to-day life; organization, accounting, finance and administration. If you are someone who has already rented properties before, you won’t have any problem in Tulum. 


How to rent your property?


Today’s travelers are used to trying different new and trendy things, especially when it comes to renting a temporary place to stay in their vacation; so it’s only natural that there are so many different ways for them to do so.


The most important thing about renting in places like Tulum, is that you won’t have to worry about getting a permanent tenant to keep the income flow going; because you’ll have a property in the most visited place of the moment, so you’ll have the opportunity to rent every single night of your apartment even if it is to different people.


You can rent your apartment per month, per week or per night; And by having a lock-off type property, where you will have 2 to 3 units in the same property, you can also triple your rent simultaneously.


There are different means by which to rent your property, and each one will have its different processes, but the sure thing is that all are simple, easy to follow and will have to do again with management skills, organization and service to the client who rents it. 


From the most famous, AirBnb, to other apps such as Hometogo, Home Away, Homestay, Flipkey, Housetrip, Booking, among many others; all these sites will facilitate the process of renting your property to third parties. What is important to take into account is that in Tulum there are countless possibilities and it’s always good to provide a differentiating factor to your guests, so putting yourself in the hands of rental management experts with proven experience can save you time and money. 


How can you expect your income flow to behave?


The question that everyone always has in mind; how much can I expect to earn? How long will it take me to recover my initial investment? How much can I rent my apartment for? As in any other place, these values ​​vary according to the characteristics of the property, such as quality, number of bedrooms, if it’s spacious or not, does it have amenities, whether it has a pool, balcony or terrace, proximity to the beach, etc. But one thing is for sure in Tulum, your apartment is going to be rented by tourists, throughout the year.


Tulum has a high occupancy rate both in hotels and in alternate rentals such as apps like AirBnb, or directly with developers. Its occupancy reaches up to 90% in the most popular months, and drops to only 60% in the less popular months. AirBnb reported Tulum as one of the 5 cities with the largest AirBnb options in the world.


A rental in Tulum can go from $70 USD per night with very simple and small apartments away from the coast; and up to $200 USD per night with higher quality apartments closer to the beach.


If you want to invest in the best real estate market, your best option is Tulum. Also, if you are looking for investment options that offer you the best qualities at the best price, with exclusive proximity to the beach and lock-off models to double or triple your income; 101 Park is the unique opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


Why 101 Park? Find out more in our blog.

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