Lock-Offs: The best real estate trend to invest in

Real Estate / 28 April 2021

Lock-Offs apartments are part of a new real estate trend that will make the most out of your investment, both in profit and lifestyle. Having in mind the needs of investors who not only seek to generate profits with their real estate properties, but also to enjoy the destination in which they will invest. 

If you are looking for the ideal real estate investment option, Lock-Offs are it. An acquisition that ensures the best profitability, especially if they are located in a place of such a touristic flow, like Tulum. 

Learn about the Lock-Offs system

This type of property is characterized by having several housing units in the same property, which usually translates in apartments that can have 2 or more housing spaces in the same place. In Lock-Off departments; these spaces are usually separated by a door or a corridor within the same property as a whole. 

These spaces tend to be similar and each different section of the property has the necessary equipment to function independently from the other, the main one usually having more characteristics and details than the others. For example, in a two-bedroom Lock-Off it would be common for the main section to have a complete apartment with a kitchen and dining room and complementary spaces. While the Lock-Off part will continue to take care of all the basic needs, but in a studio-like or penthouse-style living space, with a room with a kitchenette or a kitchen with a bar, without any divisions.

The exclusive benefits of owning a Lock-Off

Investing in a Lock-Off, especially in a location as acclaimed in the Caribbean as it is Tulum, will provide you with the best benefits both in investment and in lifestyle. One of its main advantages being the flexibility it gives the investors to use their property as it pleases them and according to their needs. Lock-Offs can have multiple styles of use, for example:

  • You can rent the entire unit as a whole apartment.
  • You can rent each section separately, as different living spaces, receiving multiple income for the same property.
  • You can live in a section yourself, and rent the other(s) section(s) to third parties.
  • Or you can take the entire unit for your personal use for a while, and rent it how you please on other times.

Maximum profitability

By having a Lock-Off in Tulum you can enjoy one of the most profitable real estate markets in the Caribbean, as it is one of the most desired destinations to travel. Here, both national and international tourists are mostly used to using new and alternative temporary accommodation means, such as rentals apps like AirBnb, Homeaway, etc.

In addition to the increasing added value that your property will have, if you decide to rent your property seasonally, you will be able to receive the highest income in the Tulum area, with the possibility of multiplying them. 

Exclusive access to the Tulum lifestyle 

We know that nowadays, investing in the Caribbean isn’t just because of the economic income anymore. Enjoying the lifestyle of luxury and exclusivity in Tulum is another one of the key factors investors look for.

Like we said before, Lock-Offs have this covered. Not only will you generate income, but you will be able to decide when you’ll want to use your apartment to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches and the unique social life of Tulum. 

Why are they the ideal second-home?

Thanks to this perfect balance between investment benefits in economic income, and the possibility of enjoying the exclusive lifestyle of Tulum; Lock-Offs are the best investment option not only if you are thinking about an economic income, but also if you are looking for a housing option that can function as a second-home

What uses can you give a second-home? Precisely those that a Lock-Off allows you to:

  • Rent when you are not using it and generate income.
  • Use it as a vacation home avoiding the usual vacation expenses.
  • An apartment where you can live temporarily if you decide to do so, when doing home-office or if you are a digital nomad. 
  • Generate rental income over several years and use it as a retirement home later in life, or whenever you want. 

With a Lock-Off apartment you can enjoy the two great differentiators of Tulum, a lifestyle of fun, luxury and exclusivity whenever you want; and a highly profitable location that adds value to your property and will allow you to earn an extra income.

101 Park Tulum offers you a Lock-Offs in an unbeatable location. Just a 10-minute-walk from the coast of Tulum, our development is the only one of its type, as close to the hotel zone. 

We have 2 and 3 bedroom Lock-Off options that will allow you to enjoy a unique lifestyle, in an environment of total comfort, within a sustainable community, surrounded by nature and the best social meeting points. 

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