Mexico: third most visited country in the world

ALL / 26 July 2021

Mexico is a magnet of tourists for different reasons. When one talks with any

foreigner there are 3 aspects that they always mention as determining reasons for

falling in love with our country:


1) The people

2) Its food

3) Cultural wealth


We Mexicans have a reputation for being extremely warm people. We welcome foreigners with open arms and we are literally willing to open the door of our homes for them. When I did my social service in the summer of 2007 in the Sierra de Oaxaca I experienced this first-hand: on more than one occasion the families invited me to eat in their homes, offering me much of what little they had.


Mexican food has a delicious variety: from the freshness of its seafood in Baja California or the exquisiteness of its meats in the north of the country, going through its various types of moles in states like Puebla or its typical Hidalgo barbacoa to the deliciousness of Yucatecan food when trying dishes such as lime soup, cochinita pibil or papadzules.


Its cultural wealth has definitely made Mexico the third most visited country in the world as of 2020 with 24.1 million tourists per year, according to data from the World Tourism Organization. In addition to this, the Ministry of Tourism has reported that during the first quarter of 2021 the most important airport in Mexico is Cancun.


Putting all of this in context, the decision to invest in real estate in Mexico takes more relevance than ever. Experts in this field say that there are 3 crucial factors to consider before buying a property: location, location and location. 


The Riviera Maya has undoubtedly the most beautiful beaches in the Mexican territory. Why buy a real estate property particularly in Tulum? In addition to the growth it is experiencing, the international airport project and a Mayan Train station will give it more relevance than it already has in the eyes of the world. 


If you are thinking of buying a property, this is definitely the right time to do it in Tulum.


Sources: San Diego Red, SECTUR

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