Amenities connected to your spiritual energies

Lifestyle / 21 December 2020

At 101 Park Tulum we seek to develop a peaceful coexistence between human beings and their natural environment. For this reason, we have designed the ideal amenities so that our residents can connect with their inner energy and that of the spaces surrounding them.

Inspired by the central parks of big cities, 101 Park Tulum has at its heart a main park as a  natural energy center, with 7 amenities based on the chakras, or internal energies, of the human being. 

Amenities based on your inner energies


Related to the sahasrara chakra, or the crown chakra, this amenity is based on the aspect of spiritual connection, appealing to the inner energy of our spiritual consciousness. Crown is a harmonious, peaceful and calm space, created to practice meditation, yoga and other activities of connection and intrapersonal discovery. 

Third-Eye | VIEWER

This amenity is related to the ajna chakra, or third-eye chakra, and it focuses on the energy of intuition, or the ability to see “the big picture as a whole”.  Being a chakra that is based on the natural element of light, it’s the ideal element to create one of our most attractive amenities, the Viewer. A tower where you can appreciate spectacular views of the Mayan Jungle and the Caribbean Sea.

Throat | AGORA

The vishuddha chakra, or throat chakra, is related to concepts of communication, self-expression and honesty, it also takes sound and music as its main element. Starting from the essence of this chakra, we created Agora, a place dedicated to the expression of art, with immersive spaces ideal for the presentation, exhibition and appreciation of various forms of art.

Heart | CENOTE

Cenote is one of the most beautiful and important amenities at 101 Park Tulum. A central pool that resembles a real cenote, like the ones all over the Mayan Rivira. Based on the anahata chakra, or heart chakra, is associated with the concept of love and life. Cenote is the heart of the center park, and therefore, of the development.

Solar Plexus | PLAYGROUND

This space is related to the manipura chakra, or “solar plexus” chakra; which is based on the energy generated by our personal power. Referring to concepts of personal love and acceptance of all parts of our being; Playground is a recreational and natural area styled as a playground for children, that stimulates this personal acceptance, helping residents to reconnect with their inner child. 

Sacral | THE RIVER

The svadishthana chakra, or “sacral” chakra, is the energy that influences our emotions and how we relate to others; appealing to concepts of abundance and well-being. Taken as the main element, and considering the flow of our own energy with that of other human beings, we created The River; an extended pool, designed to recreate a river, that flows through a large part of the park and helps to connect different amenities.


The Cave is a path inside a cave-like construction that guides the resident along a dirt road to an area of ​​abundant nature. Inspired on the muladhara chakra or “root” chakra, which is related to the physical aspect of our existence; this amenity stimulates the basic energy of the human being and of human existence, taking the earth as its main element. 

Seeking to develop a peaceful coexistence between human beings and their environment, 101 Park Tulum has created the ideal spaces for inter and intrapersonal discovery and connection. 

In addition to the 7 amenities of the central park, in our development you can also enjoy other common spaces such as a gym, a rooftop with pool and a bar, and a landing tower for a private drone, that you’ll be able to enjoy whenever you want. 

 Invest in 101 Park Tulum and you will experience the most innovative and exclusive amenities!

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