Sustainable communities: What are they?

SUSTAINABILITY / 16 September 2020

It’s time to take the responsibility of the preservation of our planet into our hands. For that, it’s necessary to rethink the way in which we, as human beings, relate, act and live in relation to our environment. Therefore, one of the greatest innovations for the environment today, is the creation of a new the concept: sustainable communities.

This article will continue to provide you with more information about what these communities are, as well as their characteristics and their importance in our society. 

Sustainable and ecological approaches in housing

An ecological mindset must be a key factor in planning, designing and living in a new household, apartment or any other dwellings. Consequently, susteinability, must functions as a guide to a healthy coexistence between the natural habitat and the need of the human being.

These two concepts are similar, but the differences that mark one from the other are essential to understanding what we are referring to:

  • An ecological mindset refers to the preservation of natural resources in a biological environment.
  • Whereas sustainability, refers to the active integrations of ecological mindset and ideas into the social, political and cultural aspects and contexts of the human being.

Being ecological means consuming natural resources at a rate equal to, or less that, the rate they are produced or developed. For example, sunlight is essentially unlimited, which means that it can be used to generate energy without fear that one day we will run out of it entirely. That makes it sustainable.

On the other hand, fossil fuels are not sustainable, as they exist in a limited amount in the environment, and are therefore, used at a much higher rate than they are generated.

Being sustainable means incorporating ideas of sustainability and ecology, into a way of thinking that not only refers to the biological context of the environment, but also takes into account human aspects, including issues such as organization, transportation and housing. 

An environmentally conscious home must be part of a sustainable community that provides a sustainable lifestyle that seamlessly unites nature and human activities.

Sustainable Communities: Living for the future

Betting on cutting-edge technology, continuous innovation and environmentally conscious strategies is the key to developing better ways of living that can be truly friendly to our environment. Parting from this philosophy, we present the idea of ​​sustainable communities.

Sustainability does not only involve concerns about energy and the environment, but also thrives on generating a positive social responsibility that influences the construction and management of communities like these. For this way of living, it becomes essential to have a deep understanding of the world we live in.

Characteristics of a sustainable community

One of the ways of conceiving housing and lifestyle, must be to live in a peaceful and friendly coexistence with the environment, achieved through sustainability. Therefore, it involves both the attitude of those who live in a community towards preserving nature and the strategies and technologies that these people take to carry out this preservation. Here, he share some of these practices:

Solar panels and renewable energy

The first step towards a sustainable philosophy has to do with rethinking energy resources.    The future of a community must not depend on resources that one day we will run out of. 

Choosing renewable energy means putting in a little extra effort when planning a new real state development. Having a solid vision in regard to living spaces which supplies and facilities must be renewable-energy-based, and therefore, are friendly to the environment.

In this way, solar pannels are one of the most sustainable innovations regarding energy, as they are capable of generating electrical energy through photovoltaic sources, all thanks to sunlight.

It’s also worth mentioning special proposals such as SmartFlower, an innovative idea that combines the art of sculpture with advanced solar energy technologies with a built-in device to open and close itself to maximize efficiency.

Electric cars

The basic energy resource with which humans have been transporting themselves throughout centuries, has been fossil fuels. An energy which is not only not-renewable, but that also causes a great deal of damage to the environment due to its constant release of toxic gases and polluting materials into the atmosphere. This is troublesome.

Alternative exists. Electric cars are a reality. In order to promote the use of these alternative means of transport, a sustainable community must offer charging stations and privileged parking for ecologically conscious users who decide to invest in what is friendly to the world where we live.

Alternative means of transport

Other forms of transport are also possible.

To offer different ways of human transport within certain spaces, there are technologies such as passenger drones that work with electricity, avoid traffic and represent tourist solutions to transport people and cargo. 

These are called autonomous aerial vehicles, or Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) and they represent a huge paradigm shift, that reminds us of the need for a green future.

Environmental certificates

There are organizations and platforms that exist with the main objective of certifying that a company, community or development works with sustainable ideas that help preserve the environment.

The recognition of Socially Responsible Company is awarded by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy and guarantees that an organization generates returns in a green way, without putting the country’s ecology at risk.

Remember: the commitment to sustainability has to come from the core of a community to ensure an authentic and true approach to ecology.

Today more than ever, it is essential to change our ways of living and seek more environmentally friendly alternatives for nature and future generations. Earth is our only home. Together we can all contribute to preserve it. Choose to live sustainably in greener and more responsible communities! Get to know 101 Park Tulum. 

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