Tulum: The ultimate destination for digital nomads

Lifestyle / 5 May 2021

This new era with home-office work has become the ideal scenario for digital nomads. By being able to work from anywhere where they can have access to electricity and the internet, the possibilities are endless. Now, they can live for long periods of time in places that previously could only have been considered short vacation destinations.

Such is the case of Tulum. A paradisiacal place and commonly chosen as the favorite destination in the Riviera Maya, thanks to its dreamlike natural environment, the diverse community that inhabits it and the bohemian and relaxed atmosphere of luxury that it offers.

Who are the digital nomads?

The population referred to with this term, are those people who can work from home by digital means, carry out activities that only require their computer, electricity and internet services. They have the possibilities and desires to travel because nothing ties them to a specific place, and they not only want to travel temporarily to a destination, but to really stay for a while and know everything there is to experience in that lifestyle. 

Before, the working people who could really be classified as digital nomads, were very small. But thanks to the implementation of teleworking and the gradual decentralization of companies; more and more people can live and work as digital nomads, not just within one country, but all over the world.

The frequent destinations of digital nomads

When choosing a new destination to live and work in for a while, people really only have to look for one essential factor: access to electricity and internet services. Which, today, makes almost any place a potential destination home-office. The places that are usually the most chosen, however, are the beach places. Who wouldn’t want to work with the sound of the waves of the sea in the background?

Digital nomads stay away from big cities

Why are big cities, which are usually attractive destinations for tourism in general, not considered by digital nomads? Simply, because they seek to get away from a usual, monotonous, or busy-like lifestyle; they are not looking for something they already know, but something they are not used to. 

In addition, large cities bring with them aspects that in this panorama can be considered as disadvantages, such as; excess traffic, high levels of pollution, excessive noise, high housing costs for small spaces, with poor quality conditions, insecurity, among others. 

The advantage of the real estate market in the digital nomad landscape

As anywhere, the demand for housing is always increasing. And in touristic destinations such as the Caribbean beaches, the real estate market enjoys the advantages of this supply and demand factor better than any other. These destinations, which already have a high demand for temporary housing as they are the main touristic destinations internationally, now also enjoy a market that demands a little more permanent housing. 

Currently, investing in a property in the Caribbean means investing in a profitable apartment, which will generate income, as it will have various rental opportunities throughout the year. In addition to enjoying an area with growing added value, and a highly competitive environment, where you can generate the highest profit through income.

The digital nomad market is not only a unique opportunity for the development of touristic destinations, but for the real estate market as well. What are you waiting for to invest? 

With a property in Tulum you can generate maximum profit, especially in apartments that increase your profitability, such as the Lock-Off apartment models in 101 Park Tulum. 

Do you want to invest and live the Tulum experience at the same time? Contact us to find out the ideal way: ????

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