What about investing in Tulum? Discover what awaits for this destination this year

INVESTMENT, Real Estate, TRAVEL / 3 February 2021

2021 its here and it brings the best benefits for Tulum. Having closed 2020 as one of the best cities in Mexico to live in, in addition to being named one of the best vacation destinations in 2020, and accumulating around 1.4 million visitors a year; Tulum will continue to enjoy multiple benefits during 2021.

Trending destination for 2021

Tulum, as well as the rest of the Riviera Maya, is projected as the most popular touristic destinations for 2021, as the Expedia’s Annual Report of Travel Trends for 2021 recently reveled. This means that those who show interest in traveling in 2021, have been think of, or even planning already, to have Tulum as their selected destination. As well as nearby places in the Caribbean Sea, such as Playa del Carmen or Cancun.

Real estate investment

During 2021, the state of Quintana Roo will receive an investment of more than 1,100 million pesos in various real estate projects, including several located in Tulum. Allowing the real estate market of Tulum to grow and offer the best competitive advantages to its investors. Being that these properties – acording to Nico Wilmes, CEO of Los Amigos de Tulum – can now offer a high return on investment.

The real estate market in Tulum has grown rapidly in recent years, and continues to grow positively. In addition to having a high demand thanks to its exclusive proximity to the Caribbean, its bohemian luxury culture that integrates nature into modern life, as well as its impressive wildlife sceneries of jungle, sea and archaeological sites. 

Innovation in infrastructure

Apart from the tourist growth in the area, the increase in demand for the bohemian luxury lifestyle that Tulum offers, and the growth in public and private investment for real estate developments; the city will also benefit from changes and infrastructure improvements by the State in the near future.

Several federal projects that have been announced – like the construction of section 5 of the Mayan Train, which will run from Cancun to Tulum, important due to the touristic flow it will enable – will have a positive impact on the area economically. Likewise, work progress of the Tulum Airport will represent a competitive advantage for tourism in the area, and consequently, for the valuation of its real estate. 

A year full of economic benefits awaits Tulum; infrastructure improvement and innovation, and the best touristic advantages. Invest in your property and start enjoying the benefits it will offer!

101 Park Tulum has a privileged location, with an exclusive proximity to the Caribbean Sea and the Hotel Zone of Tulum; that will bring you multiple benefits both in the short and long-term. 

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