Elevating luxury standards through conscious design and thoughtful development

A conspicuous mix between our interior and exterior.

Flamboyant design, inspired by the intrinsecal connection of the human body with nature.

The project

Elevating luxury standards through conscious design and thoughtful development

The vision

We seek to develop the ability to continually live where humans and the natural environment can coexist indefinitely. Meeting today's demands without depriving future generations of their own.

The concept

A place for people to live the present moment with gratitude, an open mind and curiosity enjoying the integration of modern technologies in our lives, while practicing a sense of well-being and personal discovery, developing our spiritual awareness.

The design

101 Park meets all the needs of today's world, everything that you wish to have in a modern-luxury, bespoke development. A unique, futuristic design seeking the boundaries of the most innovative architecture in the world while maintaining a strong feeling of the local culture.

The mindset

A concept incarnated for those envisioning ownership of a magnificent luxury getaway property while minimizing the impact on the environment, a place for dreamers and creators, people who lives passionately making things happen.

The core

A community living in the constant search and definition of the-next-big-thing. 101 Park elevates luxury standards with conscious-modern design, high-tech infrastructure, outstanding facilities, and five-star service.

Your new neighborhood

The community

Tulum 101

Located in the gated community of 101 Tulum, the new eco-sustainable neighborhood closest to the hotel zone

New beginnings

Surrounded by jungle and a few minutes biking from the ocean, makes this the best place to go relax, activate your mind and connect with yourself.

Friends & family
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